What makes us so different ???
                        This is what you get:

A photo strip will be given to each guest that was in that individual photo session.( i.e. 6 guests in the booth = 6 photo strips).  This way every single guest will receive a memento of your event. Most companies will print a maximum of two strips. 

Our standard size photo strip is 8" x 2 5/8" and includes the date and names and/or personal message on each strip. (the standard with most photobooth companies is approx.6"x1 3/4"). We have found that guests prefer the larger size strips as it shows more detail of your guests especially when using the props.  

Photo Scrap Book is included with the base price. During the event, an extra photostrip is produced and pasted in a scrapbook. Your guests are then asked to sign their name, write a sentiment or whatever they wish. The scrapbook will then be given to the guest(s) of honor as a memento of the ocasion.

An 8 x 10" collage photo of the individual photos taken at the event is also included. You can play "Where's Waldo?" with the collage, trying to find you and your guests in the photo.  

Props are always provided at no extra charge.  If you have a special event or theme, for example a Hawaiian event, we will provide the props to fit the venue, (i.e. hula skirts, leis, straw hats, etc). 

We can also adapt the photobooth to compliment your event’s theme. A variety of exterior colors,(red,pnk,white,blue,and black) and accessories are available. Just tell us what you want and we will work with you to provide a setup that will fit in with the event’s decor. 

A photo CD will be given to the person contracting us, which includes all of the photos taken at the event at no extra cost. The CD includes two files: one file contains all of the strips from the event. The second file contains the individual photos from each strip. The full frame photo file allows you to choose an individual photo from one of the strips for reprints or enlargements.

No travel charges within Southern California.

Because this is your special event, we want to ensure that the booth is operational the whole time. If an unforeseen problem occurs, we don't want to waste time troubleshooting a problem. We have backup components (printer, camera, PC, flash units) on-site. Swapping out a component takes less than five minutes. Fortunately, this has not been necessary, but it is a good "insurance" program.

We carry $1,000,000.00 liability insurance.

Poor quality is not acceptable to us.  We use a quality digital camera to record the images and a dye sub printer to produce photo quality images. Our concept is simple.  Rent the photobooth for any event. For a reasonable flat rate, we will set up, assist your guest during your event and de-install the photobooth. Not only do we offer the classic four photo strip, but also a variety of other photo formats. Your guest(s) will enter the photobooth, push a button and the rest is up to them. Whether it be a serious photo or silly photo, it is up to the person(s) in the photobooth. The photobooth will comfortably fit 1 to 6 guests. Uncomfortably it can fit 10 or more guests (usually those are the most fun photos)

Not only are our prices low, but you get so much more in the services we provide to make it a fun and memorable event!!!

What an ideal way of providing your guests with additional entertainment as well as a memento that they will enjoy for years to come! As we call it:

                            "the ultimate party favor" 

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