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 You probably have some questions about the photo        booth. Here are the most common questions:

How much space will I need for the photobooth?

The photobooth takes approx. 32 square feet ( 8’L x 4’W x 6’ H). With prop tables and scrapbook area, the total area needed would be approximately 8'x10', however, there is always a line of guests waiting to get into the booth and rumaging through the props, so an area not too close to the dinner tables would be best. 
We purposely    built the photobooth extra large to accommodate six guests comfortably. Uncomfortably it can accommodate 9 or more adults, but from our experience, this is where the fun begins.

 You say unlimited photos, but also say the average is about 40 sessions per hour.Which is it?

Once the start button has been pushed, to make the four exposures and       printing them takes about 70 seconds. This is for a normal, two or three guest  
pose. As your guests become more comfortable with the photobooth and want to be more creative or your guests want to pile in, “crowd control” takes a little more time and your guests will be assisted in setting up the first pose. We want to make sure that we get everyone in the photo, but also want to make sure that everyone is safe.

What are the power requirements for the photobooth? 

      We will need to have access to one standard 110V outlet.

What if I am having a reception outdoors and do not have access to an electrical outlet?  

We will provide a generator that will provide power for the photobooth only. This will be provided for a small additional fee.

Can I order additional CDs or prints of the event in the future? 

We will provide a CD of all the photos from the event at no additional cost at the time of the event to the person who books the event. To respect the privacy of your guests, we will not provide a copy of the CD to your guests.  Only the individual who contracted us will receive the CD. If a guest requests a copy of the CD, we will refer them back to the event coordinator and they can "burn" a copy from their CD. We don't want to be responsible for the images ending up somewhere were they shouldn't.

What if the during the event, a malfunction occurs with the equipment? 

We have a trained attendant who will be at your event the whole time. The attendant is there for two reasons: 1) to assist your guests during the event and to answer any of their questions. 2) In the event that a disruption of service occurs, the attendant will address that problem. The most common occurrence is that the printer has run out of paper. If a technical difficulty occurs, we will spend no more than 5 minutes on the problem. Backup components (printer, camera, etc.) will be onsite for a quick replacement to get the photobooth up and running in the shortest possible time.

You use something called dye sublimation printing. What is it?  Is there any smell or waste?

Dye sublimation printing uses a cellophane type ribbon with three different colors (yellow, magenta and cyan) and a protective coating. The ribbon is the width of the paper. We print two photo strips on a 6x8" sheet of photo paper. The paper makes one pass over each ribbon and through a heated print head, transfers the image in that ribbons color. The combination of the three images are superimposed over each other producing all of the colors to make an excellent quality photo. The final pass is the clear coat that protects the image from scratches and waterproofs the print. The print exits the printer completely dry and ready to be shared by others. This dry process does not produce any smell, heat or any toxic waste. When the ribbon has been completely used up, it is thrown in the trash. In my opinion, it is the closest you are going to get to the conventional wet process that has been used for years. Tests have shown that the color quality has an archival rating of 100 years. In other words, the prints will not fade.It costs more, but the results are worth it. 

What are the different print sizes or formats that you offer?

Our standard is an 8"x2 5/8 " strip. We offer over 25 different formats, ranging from a single image (full frame) 4x6”or 6x8”, 4 frame film strips (single or duplicate strip on the same sheet), six poses, images with logos, color, black & white: a full range of formats. Contact us for the full   details.

You mentioned logos, what do you offer?   

We can add a custom text that describes the event. For example, John and Mary Jones,  June 26, 2009, Thank you for sharing our special day. or Richmond High School Class Reunion – Class of 83. We can also add your company’s logo for grand openings or special sales events.  Just let us know what you want.

Are there any other services that you can provide?

We have many ideas that we can present to you, depending on the event. Our question to you is, what do you want? Being a family owned business, we have a lot of flexibility in assisting you in providing a memorable time for your guests. 

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